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"I help corporations, individuals, leaders and organizations empower themselves in achieving unity by ending anger, hate and prejudice, personally and professionally."

We must understand that we are truly all one and most of our differences are the ones we choose. The color of our skin may be different but the blood that runs through our heart and mind can be the same without regard to the color of our skin or nationality.

I help everyone communicate and understand that our actions and attitudes are self-defined and we can work together to make our personal, and professional, life everything we believe it can be.

There are some things that occur in life that are beyond our control, that are difficult to let go, but most situations are under our control and we can determine the benefit of eliminating anger, hate and prejudice through communication and collaboration.

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Mark Entrekin is a professional speaker, trainer, motivator, management consultant, life coach and entrepreneur. 

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems and a Master's Degree in Organizational Management with multiple certifications. He has over 30 years’ experience as a positive, innovative, pull up your shirt sleeves, lead to success, solutions driven leader with extensive experience in creating climates that increase desire, commitment and the motivation to succeed.


His diverse background brings an exceedingly complex understanding of and insight into helping us all achieve unity.

This understanding and insight gives him a unique and exciting approach to consulting, life coaching, business coaching, professional speaking and training that, in turn, support his directives. Mr. Entrekin's innovative, pull-up-your-shirt-sleeves approach in business and personal leadership coupled with his extensive experience in meeting goals will create a climate of desire and commitment, and will promote our motivation to succeed.

As a Life and Business Coach since 1990, Mr. Entrekin works with families and individuals to support them in divorce, relationship recovery, and parenting issues. He provides coaching to individuals, couples and groups, helping to build successful relationships.

Talk Topics

Mark Speaks on these Topics

Achieving Unity: Ending Anger, Hate and Prejudice

Mark will show how we can immediately begin reducing violence by going beyond yesterday’s culture.
We all see numerous news broadcasts, week after week, describing another act of violence that seems to be random until we see that many of these incidents can be traced back to learned behaviors. Mark will demonstrate how Unity can be a positive result and not just a way to achieve political favors! Why do we view some people, that we have never met, in a negative way? We see children that are only a few years old playing with other children without a learned negative thought in their mind but only a few years later, that same child can show anger toward another person without any provocation. Where is this anger, and possibly hate or prejudice, learned?


Let Mark share an exciting insight into anger, hate and prejudice with a new insight on how we can quickly start viewing others from another perspective and allow the unity to grow from all sides of the equation!

Agile Works Outside of Software: Personally and Professionally!

The original Agile Manifesto ( uses several terms that we can improve to show a more inclusive process in the work we value. Mark will show how we can update the Agile Manifesto to upgrade it to a form of delivering solutions as a higher priority than only developing software. We can also update all of the uses of the word “change” to the understanding that we are not just changing but improving our long-lived processes of yesterday. We can continue to improve with short-lived processes that deliver defined solutions on a rapid, ongoing, basis. We will show the shortest timescale can be the most cost-effective! We can continue to measure by complexity and difficulty but not dismiss the time pendulum! Time is our only definite, even beyond taxes, and we can use time as our measurement in a simple format that continues to eliminate overtime and extended hours as we maintain the highest quality.


Let Mark explain how we can utilize the benefits of the Agile Manifesto and improve the processes with a terminology that works for all businesses, all verticals and include solutions beyond just software.

Pre-Relationship Agreements – With or Without Nuptials!

Transforming relationships one communication at a time. Guiding every relationship into an understanding that both parties can understand, and agree, before they walk into an emotion without seeing the full picture. Mark will help and support all couples with a better understanding of what they are doing, with all of the beauty and love expected, in a way that can eliminate almost all surprises with agreed upon expectations! We agree and disagree on many subjects every day but, often, we are surprised by one person’s opinion over another. What is your opinion? Is that opinion going to be shared by all parties in the relationship? Life is truly the fairest of all depending on our expectations. Life can also be easy unless, or until, our expectations reach beyond reality.

Let Mark share the benefits of knowing and understanding the expectations in your relationship in a way you can build together on what both of you truly believe and not opinions that may not be based on reality.



"Mark is a very engaging and likable speaker! His sense of humor combined with a strong message make for time well spent for any audience."

Author of Tenacity, You Don't Have to Get Lost in Nepal to Find Yourself, But It Helps!

Keith Renninson

"I love Mark’s storytelling ability and his use of humor and intensity when appropriate. I really loved this speech because of the action step. The action step one can take, immediately, to help with labeling and judging . I was certainly inspired to do just that – the bringing to my awareness the judging and labeling and start questioning it. Thank you."

Connie Warden

"Mark is a gentle kind man that has over a long time put great effort into learning to speak well in public. In his Achieving/Creating Unity speech, Mark skillfully connects a powerful personal story to the major point he conveys in the speech. His point is well supported, convincing, direct and done with his gentlemanly style."

William Joseph Davis

"I am the Director of Speaker Engagement for the PMI Mile Hi Chapter. I had the pleasure of booking Mark Entrekin for our January 2022 Chapter meeting. Mark was a wealth of knowledge and gave our participants fantastic, practical information that they could use in their workplace. I recommended Mark as a speaker for our Agile Denver North chapter meeting where he received very positive feedback. Mark will be an asset to your audience and will have them think differently through his storytelling and relevant tips."

Juliane Cooley



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