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5-ways to love Valentine’s Day


s to love Valentine’s Day

How many of us have enjoyed a Valentine's Day that we will never forget? Valentine’s Day where there was a card, flowers, candy, dinner and the words of love were the only words spoken.

Have you enjoyed Valentine’s Day where your Valentine did all those things and maybe more? 

OK, I did not mention breakfast in bed, jewelry, the best fragrance of perfume or cologne or a romantic trip somewhere but those might help also! ❤️ What are some of your favorite memories?

February remains a month of love, among many other attributes, because we can celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th every year.

Even though many stories about Saint Valentine may not display the romantic person we want to believe in, there is still the opportunity for us to celebrate at least one day per year in the celebration of romantic love. A love we can all dream of achieving.


As we think back to our favorite Valentine’s Day and, perhaps, the wonderful gifts, wasn’t the best gift that the person you love truly took the time away from everything else to plan that day for you? 

In the best situation, perhaps both of you spent time before the big day and created those wonderful plans. Each person focused on what they thought was the best way to show their Valentine their love, the sentiments they felt their Valentine would treasure most.

And, possibly, as time goes by and the flowers, the gifts and the beautiful moments slowly fade into the rush of the next day, week and month, what do we remember most about that day?

Is your best memory the gifts or was it also the time you shared together talking with each other?

What did you talk about?

As we prepare for Valentine’s Day this year, what do you think about the following questions or thoughts to share as we allow our Valentine to talk as we listen without interruption or judgment?

  • What are the top three things we love most about each other?

  • What are our three happiest days together and why?

  • What are our top three dreams that we want to share with each other?

  • What are the top three things we can help each other accomplish?

  • What are we going to do over the next twelve months to make our next Valentine’s Day even better than this one?

Of course, could our ability to listen and share without interruption or judgment be the biggest challenge? 

We must understand that listening to each other and sharing with each other, without judgment, can be more precious than any card, flower, candy, dinner, breakfast, jewelry, trip or fragrance.

As Mastercard started the advertisement in 1997 saying “There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s Mastercard.”

As we think back to our best Valentine’s Day memory, I hope we can think “There are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else, begins with listening without judgment!”

Give your Valentine whatever gift you feel they will treasure most and top that gift off with a day, night, week, month and a lifetime of listening without judgment. A lifetime that is worth more than anything anyone could ever purchase.

We do have an opportunity to give that priceless gift of listening. It is our opportunity to gain or learn more about helping others, helping ourselves by listening without judgment and Achieving Unity.

If you, or someone you know, would like to talk to Mark about his speech on Achieving Unity or schedule time with him as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach and resolve what is holding you back from your best days, please call Mark today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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