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Achieving Unity – Are we ready?

Are we ready for Achieving Unity? It sounds great up front but what is required for us to see each other, everyone, as equals?

Achieving Unity does not promote any preferences but brings us together by Caring, Helping and Including Others to End Hate, Anger and Prejudice (EHAP); we must stop any delay that may slow us down in Achieving Unity. The bandwagon for this opportUNITY does not need to be overloaded but the bandwagon does need to be full.

We all have bad moments that seem to drag us into days, at times, but when, where, why and how did we ever learn that putting someone else down was ever a way to think we were any better than another person?

Today, with so many options and opportunities surrounding us, the inability to decide what is better or worse has become almost unbelievable. The internet and TV are available on many of the mobile phones we carry with us every day, the grocery store has more choices of any item from manufacturer to flavor to packaging and Google is continually answering any of our questions based on some Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Once we understand, and can accept, that we are all one, Reality Focused, and we share with others that we are all from the same four blood groups (types), we can end any negativity that could be causing us to continually find wrong with another person based on our birthrights. Our DNA.

Last month, a close friend told me that their family is always joking around and putting each other down as they laugh about life. That was a good point. That is an excellent comparison when we are among family and close friends. Each of us would stand strong next to our family or close friends if anyone else, outside the family or friends, said anything negative about them in any way. We would have each other’s back without violence.

But, what about that person at the office, in social events or even walking down the street? If there is any negativity or violence occurring, would we at least call the police? Could we dial 911 to help another person that may not be our family or current friend? Where is the line that we would draw for ourselves on who we would help and who we would not help?

What about that person that smokes if you do not smoke? What about the person that has colored hair if that hair color is not your preference? What about the person that has many tattoos or the one that wears lots of rings in their ears or on their body?

Without a doubt, if someone is smoking, we don’t want to be around the smoke but, if they are not currently smoking, and we can’t smell the smoke on them, are they any different than you or me?

Someone’s hair color, tattoos or rings in their body does not impact anyone else unless that person chooses for it to affect them.

OK, let’s look at the LOE (Life Of Exceptions!). If I own or work for a company that has an employee that is customer facing, and most customers for that company would not appreciate any of those physical preferences (hair, rings, smokes, tattoos), the written employment process would eliminate all possible hires per that rule up front. It does not mean that everyone except the bosses family or friends must follow those parameters or rules.

There are a few times when a person’s choice of physical appearance can matter. There are never times when a person’s birth representation can impact an acceptance or hiring process.

I have a close friend that is also an excellent Coach and Doctor and this person told me something that surprised me. I think the world of this Coach and have the highest respect for their books and their teachings and talk with them often. 

First, we must remember that it is good for everyone to have a coach. Every Coach needs a  good coach but this is one item I do not and will not agree with this concept no matter how highly I think of the individual and this person knows I disagree with the belief.

This person said they are not prejudice in any way as they hug and shake hands and talk to people of every race and color but they also said they would not consider an intimate relationship with anyone that was not the same race or color as theirs!

Red, Yellow, Black, Brown or White; we must be respectful of everyone in our sight.

Are the Doctor and I continuing to be close friends and mentors after I was told about this belief? Yes, but this person knows specifically how I feel and what I believe. This person also knows that I think that any impression of viewing another person as different from them, without any prejudice, is wrong. Have I helped open this person’s eyes to another concept? I believe so.

Who is ready for Achieving Unity?

It sounds great up front, it is great for our future and we must all see each other, everyone, as equals.

Let’s join the bandwagon for this opportUNITY together. When it gets overloaded, we can create another bandwagon.

If you, or someone you know, is encountering pressures because of someone else’s guidelines or rules, based on any prejudice, and wants to learn more about transforming yesterday’s hurtful pressures into where you know you can be tomorrow, please schedule time with me immediately. 

I coach and collaborate with individuals, parents, groups, corporations and enterprises as a Sr. Transformational Coach to develop new habits and sustainable improvements as we resolve issues by creating solutions at home, in the office and socially. 

I would also be honored to speak at your next event on Achieving Unity: It is not Rocket Science; we can stay grounded by caring, helping and including others. I want to collaborate with you to speak to as many Associations, Corporations and Colleges/Universities as possible. 

Do you, or someone you know, schedule speaking events? Please let me know. I have an affiliate program that will pay you for scheduling an event.

I am looking forward to talking with you today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused) or another communication channel that works best for you. Let’s help this bandwagon grow forward!


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