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Achieving Unity at No Cost

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

hands with puzzle pieces joining together in the middle

What is the cost of Achieving Unity as we End Anger, Hate and Prejudice?

The information in the Achieving Unity presentation is a realignment of yesterday’s culture to illustrate that there is no value created through Anger, Hate or Prejudice. There are thousands of better ways to handle our Anger, Hate, Prejudice, Issues and/or Frustrations.

I mentor leaders to empower themselves, personally and professionally, by realigning yesterday’s culture, our learned actions and our responses, into a path of understanding and value. When was the last time someone yelled at you, or someone else near you, that you truly saw a gained value from the yelling? We may have learned something but how much negativity is now associated with what we may have learned?

There is no true cost for this presentation as it is an investment in an improved, learned culture to end the useless, negative emotions that too many of us have learned to express. Too many times, we see others lose control through these emotions and, for some reason, since someone else did it, we think it is now justified. We copy what someone else has done without value. Where’s the value in a detrimental or negative emotion?

There are no budget constraints for success. I break the negative principles down so we understand that associations, corporations, families, colleges, universities and students everywhere can understand that there is no value in the Anger, Hate and Prejudice of yesterday. There is absolutely no retained value in these emotions, the negativity of yesterday, that we repeat too many times on what seems to be a day-by-day or ongoing basis.

I bring solutions and understanding to audiences around the world to show results in eliminating our negative emotions and go beyond the waste brought forward by Anger, Hate and Prejudice as we build a better life for all of us going forward.

We can help ourselves, which also helps others, in sharing that the detrimental, negative emotions may only be an act of immaturity or insecurity by the other person. Isn’t it better to be surprised by their emotion than to support that emotion by imitating the same negative emotion back to them or carrying that negativity forward? A surprised look toward their actions can promote a better next step than repeating or simulating their emotion.

All costs for this presentation are recovered almost immediately because of the valued principles that immediately provide a Return On Investment (ROI) to everyone that learns their values and shares the immediate benefit with others. It is a Share It Forward Value! Once we share the value forward, others will copy us and see us in a better light as the mature, secure individual that we truly are.

Please call me today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused), email me at, or go to the site,

Thank you, I look forward to our connecting with you as we Achieve Unity for all; Unity that will pay us all back repeatedly.


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