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Celebrate Juneteenth

Updated: Jun 19

Do we know enough about Juneteenth?

There are many references to Juneteenth and the exciting part is that it is a holiday celebrated on June 19 to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. The holiday was first celebrated in Texas, where on that date in 1865, in the aftermath of the Civil War, enslaved people were declared free under the terms of the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation.

It is a day we can celebrate that all enslaved people, in the United States of America (USA), were set free. Over 250,000 Black Americans were able to embrace freedom on that day. 

The legislature of the USA and lawyers and judges allowed enslaved men and women to be beaten mercilessly, separated from loved ones arbitrarily, and, regardless of sex, treated as property of another person in the eyes of the law, before that date.

The slaves could legally be punished for not working fast enough, for being late to work in the fields by a certain time, they were punished if they defied authority, punished if they tried to run away and for a multitude of other reasons. Many women were legally raped, repeatedly, prior to Juneteenth 1865.

There were many white slave owners, some black slave owners and other races with slaves as well but ownership of another human is wrong.

How would you or I like to be a slave? Who would want any of their family members to have been a slave? Thanks to Juneteenth, all Americans are finally free.

As June 19, 2024, is celebrated this year, can we all stop for a moment and say thanks to everyone that stood against slavery? I can and I did. I hope you stood for a moment and said thank you for those as well.

This year, November 5, 2024, is election day. As we view our legislature and judges, please think first about removing any existing incumbents that are not promoting Achieving Unity and those that are not performing professionally. Elect those that promote Achieving Unity and perform as you and I expect them to as elected officials.

Juneteenth did not promote preference toward anyone in any way but it did, as it does today, celebrate the freedom that was not given to too many people prior to that date.

As we focus on our freedoms today, we must elect, and re-elect, mature leaders to our legislature in November 2024. We must focus on freedom for everyone.

As we think about our freedoms and appreciate and celebrate those that fought and won for Juneteenth, let us also remember we can instill freedom for all as we continue Achieving Unity by Ending Hate, Anger and Prejudice (EHAP) by caring, helping and including others.

We need to eliminate the cultures we learned from early history and know that hate, anger and prejudice are choices. We can proclaim and end the hate, anger and prejudice that we see too often in our schools, homes, offices, on our roads and in today’s news.

Let us celebrate Juneteenth, 2024 and forever more. A celebration for everyone that worked, went to war and gave their life to end slavery. Remember to share a moment, an hour or the day on June 19th and continue to be focused on those freedoms, and those who fought for those freedoms, forever.

My first live, 7-session course, teaching about Achieving Unity begins on October 8, 2024. Please contact me quickly if you would like to attend at the discounted rate.

If you, or someone you know, is encountering issues from hate, anger or prejudice and wants to learn more about transforming those issues into a better tomorrow, please schedule time with me immediately at

I coach and collaborate with individuals, parents, groups, corporations and enterprises as a Sr. Transformational Coach to develop new habits and sustainable improvements as we resolve issues by creating solutions at home, in the office and socially. 

I would also be honored to speak at your next event on Achieving Unity: It is not Rocket Science; we can stay grounded by caring, helping and including others. I want to collaborate with you to speak to as many Associations, Corporations and Colleges/Universities as possible. 

Do you, or someone you know, schedule speaking events? Please let me know. I have an affiliate program that will pay you, your favorite non-profit or someone you know, for scheduling an event.

I am looking forward to talking with you today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused) or use the communication channel that works best for you. Let us help each other, and our freedoms, grow forward!



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