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If we had an opportunity…

What would we do with an opportunity if we had one?

OK, what if someone has a magic wand and they say Abracadabra, here is your opportunity.

What are we going to do with that opportunity? What would you want to do?

Hmm, I do not have a magic wand but let me write Abracadabra here for us all to read, for us to say the word aloud and realize we do have an opportunity. What are we going to do next?

Would we go watch TV? Go to the movies? Eat something? Or would we tackle that task that

has been on our mind that is not done, yet?

For me, right now, I want to help others, and myself, to learn more about Achieving Unity. Can you help me with this opportunity?

As we all encounter opportunities every day, I want to take this current opportunity to another level. I want to begin Ending Anger, Hate and Prejudice so we can begin Achieving Unity.

Wow! That sounds big. Do I need a magic wand? I do not think so but I could use your help!

It is January 2024, and all the corporations have turned in their budgets for the New Year. Many households have made their resolutions for the New Year and want to save money for a nice summer vacation or possibly a new car or buy a house or remodel their current home. We have calculated a budget to achieve our goal, we now have an objective, we have an opportunity.

Many of the corporations and households calculated where they need to cut back on some

possibly wasteful spending to achieve those objectives and accomplish the money savings goal.

Some of the corporations and households thought about increasing their training budget so they could send some of their staff to a training course so the will achieve a new certification. Some households may choose a family member to take some courses online on how to locate the best vacation or how to select the best car or home based on their needs or begin watching training videos on how to remodel their home.

How many of those same corporations or households thought to calculate how much of their

budget might be wasted because of a lack of Achieving Unity? How many of them thought to budget for the loss of energy, time, dollars and pain because of someone’s anger, hate or


Whether we are at the office, at home, out socially or just driving down the road, we must make sure that we are thinking about the benefits we enjoy at the office, at our home or out socially as we may need to let someone else’s anger, hate or prejudice go. Maybe we can positively impact their emotion with a wave, a smile!

If someone pulls in front of us on the road, just let them go. We can wave nicely as we realize

they may have something that is particularly important to them or somewhere they need to be. The few seconds they may have impacted us to quickly slow down and avoid them may have caused us to jump and spill our coffee but our caring, professional attitude can manage it!

Hmm, Achieving Unity? Hmm, Ending Anger, Hate and Prejudice. I think we can take on this

opportunity with a little learning, training and understanding.

We do have an opportunity. It is our opportunity to gain or learn more about helping others,

helping ourselves and Achieving Unity…together, no calculation required. Let us go ahead and add a few more budget dollars to that summer vacation!


If you, or someone you know, would like to talk to Mark about his speech on Achieving Unity or schedule time with him as a Life Transformational Coach and resolve what is holding you back from your opportunities, please call Mark today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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