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Let Us End Prejudice Today

Updated: May 1

I hope you are enjoying the articles that are posted on the first and third Thursdays of each month in our newsletter.

Each of today’s newsletter articles describe ways for us to work together in Achieving Unity by Caring, Helping and Including Others as we End Anger, Hate and Prejudice, personally and professionally.

In this article, I would like to introduce two concepts that will help us end prejudice today.

When we go from Prejudice to Equality, Equity, Fairness, Justice, Neutrality and Objectivity we can quickly see the value brought forward and the benefits we will all see from our actions.

Each of the concepts that I introduce today about caring, helping and including others originate from acronyms I created from the word “prejudice.”

When we see the negativity and lack of value exhibited from one to another, that has not learned about fairness, we see PREJUDICE: “Poor Reactions Echoing Jealousy (and) Undermined Delivery (from) Immature (and) Cruel Egos.”

How many of us have seen someone that feels insecure in a situation express a poor reaction that echoes their jealousy? If someone feels they were incorrect or left-out about something and someone else points it out, their first reaction might be to undermine the other person by delivering an immature and possibly cruel comment that originated from their hurt ego.

Let us use the quick example of a person, from one gender, who is currently selected to travel on a project for the company and an insecure person from another gender feels they should have been selected for the project. What are some items the left-out person could say that might make someone else feel they would be a better choice? One example is they could say things that might hurt the first person’s feelings so the first person may no longer want to go.

I am using non-gender specific terms to demonstrate the point that it could happen to anyone. Yes, there may be some of us that would quickly replace the first and second person terms with their own gender as a similar situation has probably occurred many times. 

I want to be very open and stress that it could happen from one person to any other person based on items including gender, age, bigotry, color, disability, education, framing, race, sexual orientation and/or social status and more.

Any time anyone uses a Poor Reaction Echoing Jealousy and an Undermined Delivery of an Immature and Cruel Ego to defend themselves, for any reason, would be an immature and insecure act.

What can we do?

First, we turn the response around. We turn PREJUDICE into Positive Reactions Echoing Justice (and) Understanding (the) Delivered Inclusion (by) Creating Excellence.

Don’t all of us feel better after we hear positive comments and reactions? We must lead with an encouraging, mature, secure attitude and compliment others for their accomplishments even when we would like to be in their shoes.

A positive action echoing justice to that person and understanding that delivering a compliment of inclusiveness will create excellence that can last forever for everyone involved. The positive comment, with kind words and support, may also open doors for the second person that could have, otherwise, been permanently locked with a negative, immature or insecure comment.

Our drive toward caring, helping and including others definitely encourages more ways for us all to work together in Achieving Unity by ending anger, hate and prejudice.

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about transforming their today into a better tomorrow, please schedule time with me immediately. I coach and collaborate with individuals, parents, groups and enterprises as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach to develop new habits and sustainable improvements as we resolve issues by creating solutions at home, in the office and socially. 

I would also be honored to speak at your next event on Achieving Unity to as many Associations, Corporations and Colleges/Universities as possible. Do you, or someone you know, schedule speaking events?

Please contact me today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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