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Thank you Mom!

Updated: May 16

Thank you Mom!

I am one of the lucky ones. My mom did not have to work much when I was young and she was active when I was playing in Little League baseball.

True, my mom was not perfect just because she was my Little League supporter but she was as close to perfect as most other moms! Possibly, a mom a lot like yours.

We all need to appreciate our parents but the month of May is the time to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful things that mom has done for us. 

Many times, we can take mom to brunch, lunch or dinner. We can give flowers. Hopefully, we were able to give or mail a card to mom that can be cherished and saved with all the other special cards.

But, if you were not able to be near or with your mom for the big day, and your mom is still around, any time we can show this appreciation for mom is wonderful. Actually, it does not have to be just in the month of May. Many mothers took care of us every day of every week of every month for probably around eighteen-plus years! Can we cherish our moms just as much? I bet we can.

My mother passed quite a few years ago but we still took flowers and put them by her headstone. We talked about the good-ole-days. The fun times we had as kids, the trouble we caused and the great meals she prepared. We did not think of any time that was not a tribute to our mother.

Our appreciation for our moms can be very heartwarming. If our mom, and grandmom, are still around, we can take a moment to express our gratitude directly to them. All parents enjoy hearing loving words from their children and grandchildren as we remember the good times and release the not-so-good times. We all make mistakes but remembering the values that mom, and grandmoms, brought to us is always the best path.

We can remember the unconditional love that mom shared. No matter what, moms can take care of us when we are sick, they can support us in the good times and bad. There are also times when moms must put their needs aside to prioritize the children and family.

Moms can offer guidance and a listening ear. I think I learned my multitasking abilities from mom. Mom was always an expert in juggling responsibilities and keeping so many things running as smooth as possible.

Mom was also good at teaching and instilling values as much as possible. Many of the good life lessons, values and morals that we continue today could have come from the talks with mom as those words helped shape who we are today.

Mom would believe in us when times were not the best, could cheer us on and encourage us to reach out. Mom knew we could do better in school and wanted us to improve and reach for our dreams. 

Of course, from my perspective, mom did want me to come home too early on weekend nights during high school. 😊 Mom set an 11:30 pm deadline. 😊 If I was not home by that deadline, and I had not called home to explain, mom would send out the forces (dad)!!! Of course for me, it was always the same old whine: “why can’t I stay out until midnight?” Then, why can’t I stay out until 12:30 am… 😊 then why not thirty more minutes and then thirty more minutes… 😊 

My mom was always there, even though we disagreed a lot, even beyond staying out late. Mom taught me the benefits of a cheerful outlook and there was nothing I could not do if I tried hard enough.

Today, I wish I would have listened and talked to mom more. Mother’s Day will always be special for me. Again, she was not perfect, but she was still up there at the top like all the other great moms.

I bet your mom was one of the great ones too. Maybe not perfect but still loving us all the way. And, you know, I bet our moms would have been great friends as they would share remarkable stories about us.

Love your mom now and forever. Use today, even when Mother’s Day has passed, to let mom know about your love and that you care.

Yes, I know some Moms did not have the best spouses. Some moms did not receive flowers on Mother’s Day; there was no card, no hugs, no kids at home or maybe kids that were already off making a life of their own thinking they were too busy and moms that possibly have memories of sad days in the past. 

For all moms, keep your head up. You were and still are wonderful. Mother’s Day is your day. You deserve it. This is your day, your month and your year. Thank you for all you have done.

You are still at the top. You always will be.

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