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Achieving Unity

Mark will show how we can immediately begin reducing violence by going beyond yesterday’s culture.

We all see numerous news broadcasts, week after week, describing another act of violence that seems to be random until we see that many of these incidents can be traced back to learned behaviors. Mark will demonstrate how Unity can be a positive result and not just a way to achieve political favors! Why do we view some people, that we have never met, in a negative way? We see children that are only a few years old playing with other children without a learned negative thought in their mind but only a few years later, that same child can show anger toward another person without any provocation. Where is this anger, and possibly hate or prejudice, learned?


Let Mark share an exciting insight into anger, hate and prejudice with a new insight on how we can quickly start viewing others from another perspective and allow the unity to grow from all sides of the equation!

Reach out today and let's discuss your upcoming speaking engagement or the needs of your specific group.

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