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How-To Achieve the Unity OpportUNITY

Achieving Unity is a great term and must be on the theoretical tip of everyone’s voice.

Every couple has the opportUNITY to build a relationship that is almost perfect for them. They can also consider their relationship as perfect. It is their relationship and their definition of perfect. Who are we to determine if someone else’s relationship is perfect or not? It may not be perfect by our perception but it is not our relationship.

In Achieving Unity, we must all be Focused on Caring, Helping and Including others to End Anger, Hate and Prejudice.

As we talk about caring, it does not mean caring for someone that is incapable of caring for themselves. It means we care about another person’s beliefs, feelings and perceptions. If another person, or another couple states that they are happy, we must care, or give emotional support, to them. Who are we to decide for another person? Do we want others to decide for us?

Caring can be considered a form of empathy. We put ourselves into the shoes of others and understand their situation. We care enough to listen to them and understand their situation without supporting them for an extended period. If we care, we can help them as we describe next but it does not require long-term support.

We can help others if they want help. We do  not try to convince others that our way is the “right” way if their way works for them. Helping is about giving or providing a requested, but temporary, amount of service to address a specific need at a given moment. Help is different from support in that help does not require a deeper or more sustained commitment.

Helping others is a temporary, task-oriented process where they need to achieve a short-term or temporary goal. If your neighbor needs to go away for some reason and needs someone to help them while they are gone, that is temporary.

Including others can be the most universal and beneficial terms. We all have friends and family that we include because of the comfort level we have when we are with them. We include others that are caring and helpful. We also include others that we care about and enjoy helping. Including, or inclusion, is a process of knowing and understanding. If we do not know anything about them or understand anything about them, we are less likely to be comfortable including them.

Including, or inclusion, can be seen as the ability to share information or thoughts with others even if we do not agree. Do you and your best friend or spouse agree on everything?

When I talk about Achieving Unity with our next opportUNITY, we can also think about how many millionaires were able to build their fortune alone? None, every company requires customers. How many million-dollar companies operate alone? None, don’t they need, at least, paper, pen, phones and/or computers?

Everyone that is Focused on success cares about others, helps others and includes others. Very few people, if any, can achieve their goals alone. We may think we mow the lawn alone but where did we purchase or rent the lawn mower? Where do we purchase the gas or electricity to run the mower? 

Caring, Helping and Including are the steps to Achieving Unity through our next opportUNITY. 

Whenever we hear someone else’s voice, can we be quick to respond to this opportUNITY with words of caring, helping and including? When our spouse speaks to us, and their words are not caring, helping or including you with the perception we feel is best, can we still be caring, helping and including by asking them how they feel right now or how their day progressed?

If their day was not good for them or did not go as they expected, who are we to determine their day? We can be caring and listen about their day from their shoes without making judgement. We can be helping and ask if there is something we can do to quickly help the situation. We can also include them in a way that shows they have value even when other parts of their day did not feel valuable. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about Achieving Unity through their next opportUNITY, personally or professionally, within the family or at the office, please schedule time with me today to present the speech on Achieving Unity or schedule prime time with me as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach for better communication and help resolve issues by creating solutions at home, in the office or socially. 

Please contact me today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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