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I Do Care!

How many times do situations happen in our life where we just want to say I do not care? We might even say I don’t give a…! We might say to them “do not waste my time with that nonsense!”

When, inside ourselves, we do care but the point that was expressed seems to be just too far down on our priority list to give it even a millisecond of time right now.

As leaders, we truly need to be Focused on our time and how we share our time with what really matters. Yes, we need to care about the time we schedule for work, for fun, for family and also schedule a little time for spontaneity! We need time to just let our mind wander, think positive thoughts, read positive articles and do something “off the wall or different from our normal!”

Do we realize that what we are doing right now is our #1 Priority? That is right. What we are doing right now is our #1 Priority, our Top Priority! We must realize and understand what we care about the most. Right now, reading this article is our #1 Priority as it is giving us a little more insight into how we can improve our life. This article is Caring about our future and Helping us build a better life as we Include more value in our day-to-day actions. 

Improving our lives must be our #1 priority. Sure, we must breathe and our hearts must beat and we must eat and drink but we can do those things while improving our lives. For our tomorrow to be as good or better than today, we must care about the things, the actions, which are the most important to us. 

We must remember that we have only one Priority 1 in our control at any time. We can multitask some things such as hold or feed our child while watching TV or reading a book or any other form of media but only one of those actions is our #1 Priority. We must realize that if our baby needs our attention in any way, that TV or book or media or whatever else must immediately drop to the bottom of our priority list.

We must also realize that our understanding of what we care the most about and how we prioritize or spend our time is what builds our attitude and our character. The things we do when no one else is watching is what we care about the most.

This works the same in every action or part of our daily life. When we are Caring, Helping and Including, like when our child is in our arms, we are definitely Focused on Caring for our child, Helping and Including our child as our top priority. The TV or book or media or whatever, is definitely not at the top of our  priority list.

But, what if, as we are holding our child and the media or TV or whatever has some form of Anger, Hate or Prejudice shown on the screen or written in the media? How do we act, react or think about those actions? Are those actions that are written in the media or shown on the screen a priority for us to add to our list of things we need to do or are those actions things we need to transform from the negative to the positive?

Too many times, our actions, and our children’s actions, are because of what we read in a book, newspaper article, social media post or saw it on TV. And, since they read it somewhere or saw it somewhere, they consider it as an OK action or because someone else did it, they consider it as “right.” Do we care that someone feels that Anger, Hate or Prejudice is OK? Is it a priority for us to, instead, show that we can be Caring, Helping and Including?

The next time we feel the words of “I don’t care” or “I don’t give a…” come into our mind, can we, instead, think about the Caring, the Help and the Including/Inclusion the other person may need? I do care, we do care, and there may be times when our #1 Priority may not seem to match but what we are doing, right now, is our #1 Priority!

If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule me to present the speech on Achieving Unity or schedule some prime time with me as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach to help resolve issues, at home, in the office or socially, please contact me today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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