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Achieving Unity

Updated: Mar 1

Achieving Unity is a goal that surrounds various characteristics, whether it is Achieving Unity within ourselves, within our community or around the world.

In Achieving Unity, we must End Anger, Hate and Prejudice. In previous newsletters, I have published articles on How we are Achieving Unity, Achieving Unity at No Cost, Achieving Unity with DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), Is that your Anger, Black History Month, National Freedom Day and Women’s History Month is published also.

How do we commit to Achieving Unity in our home, at the office, at school or out socially?

I believe that Achieving Unity benefits everyone in the family, in Associations, Corporations and Colleges or Universities. It benefits each of us in ten quick steps:

  1. Awareness and Education: To be aware is to know and understand the values in Achieving Unity by Ending Anger, Hate and Prejudice. We must improve our initiatives to increase understanding of our diverse cultures, perspectives and histories. Knowledge is useless until it is understood.

  2. Celebration of DEI: We must incorporate and celebrate DEI as a foundation of strength and not a division by opinion. Once we agree that judging or labeling others has no value, each of us contributes to the world in separate ways to encourage a new culture of belonging and value.

  3. Collaboration: As we become more Reality Focused, we will work together towards shared goals, ideas, objectives, resources and talents to achieve a mutual understanding of reality. When we collaborate, we eliminate the falsehoods, past cultures and rumors of yesteryears.

  4. Common Understanding: As we identify and rally around a common purpose or vision, we will rise above individual interests that are generally based on rumors. A shared understanding of the facts will lead is in Achieving Unity one step at a time and inspire us towards meaningful goals.

  5. Communication: Open and honest communication, Reality Focused, is the key to unlocking all the doors that prevent us from Achieving Unity and being successful. We must understand different perspectives and find common ground to encourage communication and bridge all gaps.

  6. Conflict Resolution: We must focus on the reality (the truth) of all conflicts immediately while we seek compromise and reconciliation. Anger, Hate and negativity escalates anxiety, strain and stress. Effective conflict resolution is essential to maintain Unity in diverse groups.

  7. Fellowship and Understanding: Our connection toward fellowship and improving our understanding that “we are all one” helps us understand we are the same from our brains to our blood types. We must unlock the doors of prejudice to help us recognize and respect diversity.

  8. Forgiveness and Reuniting: We all make mistakes and we must create an environment of forgiveness and Unity as we acknowledge past mistakes and grievances. We can work towards healing and further understanding. We must learn to let go and forgive to promote unity.

  9. Leadership: Constructive leadership engages others in roles that stimulates Unity. All leaders will have an understanding that inspires trust, promotes equity, shares inclusivity and leads by example. We can all be leaders that demonstrate values of accountability, fairness and integrity.

  10. Respect: Holding ourselves in self-respect promotes our ability to respect others. We must treat others with the same dignity and honor that we want regardless of our differences. We must value each person’s contributions and perspectives to instill a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

Achieving Unity is an ongoing process that requires a commitment that we all follow the Golden Rule as we treat others as we want to be treated. Unity involves letting go of yesterday’s burnt bridges with empathy as we create, promote and share our values.

Each of us must nurture a sense of understanding about each other. We must base that understanding on Achieving Unity as a goal of belonging and have a shared identity within ourselves, within our community and around the world.

If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule Mark to give his speech on Achieving Unity as we End Anger, Hate and Prejudice or schedule him as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach to resolve issues, at home or the office, that can prevent you or your teams from the most productive days ahead, please contact him today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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