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Black History Month

Have you ever felt someone has held a prejudice against you?

Yes, there are many types of prejudice. There are many ways one person, or a group of people can judge another person or another group of people based on their physical or perceived characteristics.

A few of the most known prejudices include age, color, disability and gender. These prejudices can be easily and quickly seen as we walk down the street or even pass by in a vehicle.

Most of us will encounter situations of age discrimination at some point in our life but what is it like to like to walk down the street, from the day you are born, to be discriminated against only because of physical appearance?

Black History Month is a wonderful tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people who are or were as intelligent, and possibly more intelligent, than many of us but were cast aside because of their color. They were not asked about their feelings; they were not asked about their education and many were not even allowed to talk or share their opinion in any way.

My parents told me to always put myself in the other person’s shoes. They told me that if you feel those shoes hurt you, they probably hurt the other person too.

Would you or I like to wear those shoes of hurt? Would we like to wear the shoes of another person’s judgement or prejudice toward us? The shoes that hurt as they are thrown at many caring, intelligent individuals by others. The shoes that hurt others but are thrown by those that do not know the difference. The others that are still throwing the judgmental shoes at you.

There are more counties, besides the United States, which are also observing Black History Month like Ireland and the United Kingdom. There are good people, around the world, that also want to stop judging others by the shoes they wear, the shoes they were born wearing.

As we enjoy the month of February, and every month throughout the year, let us remember Black History, and all forms of prejudice of all races, and remember that there are still prejudices around the world that must stop.

Let us stop prejudice within ourselves, within others and around our family, our community and the world. Let us stop the feeling of anyone holding a prejudice against another person. 

We can go from the feeling of PREJUDICE  above to Positive Reactions Echoing Justice and Understanding Delivered Inclusion by Creating Excellence™.

If you, or someone you know, would like to talk to Mark about scheduling his speech on Achieving Unity or schedule time with him as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach and resolve any prejudices, personally or professionally, that may be holding you back from your best days ahead, please contact Mark today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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