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Hate is a choice, not a virus!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

HATE Sign in a window seal with sparkle lights behind it

We have all probably encountered some kind of cold or flu from a virus.

According to www.Genome.Gov, “A virus is an infectious microbe consisting of a segment of nucleic acid (either DNA or RNA) surrounded by a protein coat. A virus cannot replicate alone; instead, it must infect cells and use components of the host cell to make copies of itself.”

How many of us have encountered some kind of hate?

The Genome.Gov site does not define hate directly but does call hate an “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger or sense of injury. An extreme dislike or disgust.”

Hmm, hate may sound like a virus as they both have an infectious attitude. A virus infects another cell and hate has an extreme dislike or disgust toward another individual. But, a virus cannot replicate alone as it must infect other cells to continue. Hate can be handled or managed within itself if the person that hears or receives that hostility from another person chooses to let it go and not pass it on.

We can all work together, by Achieving Unity, to stop hate. The virus infects other cells and can kill the other cells in the process without being seen but hate can be seen, understood and eliminated; all through the heart, mind, soul and the choice, of the individual or person!

A virus can be vicious. There are times, as my heart goes out to everyone impacted by Covid-19, the virus can be deadly and there is a point where the virus cannot be stopped in specific individuals and people with other health conditions.

As Covid-19 impacted the world, it seemed to turn into a rage. A situation where we were not clear about the disease that caused the virus and it was difficult to stop.

Hmm, is that the way hate is also?

How many of us have heard one person shares information with another in an intense or hostile way? The person that hears or receives that information may not know if the information they just heard is true (reality) but passes the hostile perspective, of that same, unproven information, on to another and that can create another hostile or negative person that may pass that same unproven information on to another.

Has that first person now infected the second person? Using that second person to copy themselves like a virus?

What if this same situation happens within a family or group or affiliation? Once one person shares their hostility among others, the others can pass the unproven information on with the same hostility and/or aversion even though the original information may not be reality or may have occurred in a very minute, bizarre or tangled situation. A situation that may never happen again but the hate, and possibly soon-to-be rage, has begun.

Is there any value to the hate or rage that is expressed? No. Hate or rage will never be valuable to an intelligent, mature or secure person. Hate or rage is only valuable to a person that lacks knowledge, or for whatever reason, chooses to act immature or insecure. If the information is true, reality, it can be proven intelligently. Where’s the value?

Can we all encounter hate? Yes! I hate it anytime it rains on my parade or when I am attending a ballgame! I hate it when I am going to a formal event and we have high winds!

But, how we handle that hate or rage is key. Hate and rage are choices. We can realize that rain, or wind or whatever other situation, can occur beyond our control and we can get over it. Let it go. We can bring an umbrella to block the rain or a brush/comb for our hair. We must not carry hate or rage with us to infect another person, or cell!

A virus, like hate, cannot replicate alone and we are in control of our feelings toward hate and rage. Let’s make sure that the information we hear is reality and not someone else’s hostility or aversion.

We can all work together, in Achieving Unity, to stop hate through knowledge, maturity and security so we do not infect others with incorrect information. Let’s ask for the truth, the reality, and not fall back to fear, anger or a sense of injury based on someone else’s intense hostility.

Hate is a choice. Hate is only Having Accelerated Troubled Expectations!™ No matter how close someone may be in the family, group or affiliation, we can continue Achieving Unity, as we continue to eliminate hate. We can Have Active Truthful Expectations instead. The truth is a better action and the best virus to spread!


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