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National Freedom Day

February 1 is a day of fresh air every year. It is the day we celebrate freedom for all Americans. It is the day that effectively ended slavery in the United States of America back in 1865.

It is the day visualized as a way for all citizens to take time and appreciate all the freedoms we enjoy today. Our National Freedom Day is the day that we all must remember provides freedom for everyone, no prejudices allowed.

In our history, we have seen many prejudices and we continue to see too many today. We may have ended slavery back in 1865 but we still have work to do to end all prejudices. We need to see February 1st, and every day of the year, as a continued commitment to freedom and ending the anger and hate that can create prejudices.

Isn’t every form of prejudice a thievery of another person’s freedom? When we judge another person because of their age, color, disability, education, gender, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social status or the accent in their voice, aren’t we stealing one of their freedoms?

We all know that for every right there is a responsibility. If we are prejudiced toward another person because of one or more of the prejudices listed above, aren’t we stealing one of their rights? If it is their right, it is their responsibility and is not to be judged by another person.

We must be honest and truthful with our rights and not impact others because of our rights but, because of our freedoms, we have the right to be ourselves without any external anger, hate, judgment, labeling or prejudice.

If someone is a thief of another person’s freedom, are they immature or insecure with their actions? Are their actions themselves immature and insecure? Would they want the other person to be a thief, to steal, one of their freedoms? No, not realistically.

Our freedoms are our rights and we all have the responsibility of allowing others the same rights that we claim as our own. No one person has an extended right over another person by law.

As I hope we all enjoyed National Freedom Day, whether we recognized its importance or not, we must continue for the rest of this year, and the years to come, to focus on the freedoms we all deserve. The freedoms that many of our service men and women fought, and died, to achieve.

As we walk out of our homes today, whatever day that might be, let us remember to take a breath of fresh air, warm or cold, and remember the freedoms each of us appreciate to live a better life, today and tomorrow, as we also help others enjoy their freedoms.

If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule Mark to give the speech on Achieving Unity or schedule time with him as a Sr. Life Transformational Coach and resolve any prejudices, at home or at the office, that may be holding you or your teams back from the best days ahead, please contact Mark today at 303-362-8733 (303-Focused).


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